Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Image © Guy Bourdin

My goodness, I have so much to tell you!  As usual, Shallow Fashion has been busy making things happen for other people, but lately, I've also been making things happen for myself (for once).

Currently, I am putting together a look book for my jewelry and accessories, and I have recruited a team of talented women to assist me in making this a reality.  I am collaborating with art director, Charlene Bagcal, and my dear friend, Amberlie Bankoff of Ammo Photography to create a surreal and experimental photographic exhibition of my work.  I'm so excited, I can hardly wait.  The look book will be featured on my updated website, which will also eventually have a new online store where you can order Shallow Fashion scarves, totes, posters and jewelry from the comforts of wherever you may be.

In other news, I am pleased to announce my assistance in producing the sultry line of lingerie for a debuting brand called Limerence.  This line spans from subtle dressing gowns to kinky bustiers, with a variety of collections to accommodate every girl's sense of self in the bedroom.   Cleverly named after a term used to describe an attraction to another person that overwhelms one with desire, Limerence's five collections take into account every body type, excluding no lover from the sensational power of a woman's sexuality.

It is very rare that lingerie is produced in the States, let alone in Los Angeles, so I am honored to facilitate such work.  Utilizing vintage sewing techniques, any piece from the Limerence collection is sure to stand the test of time and become a classic in your dressing drawers.

On the other side of the spectrum, I am also helping local designer, Cat Walshak of Threadriot make a leap to new heights.  (Special thanks once again to Katie Kay for making the connection).

Cat is moving up to the big leagues and industrially producing her collection, Loud Legs, a playful line of printed leggings, right here in LA.  Making a shift from homemade, limited edition pieces, to professionally produced apparel is no easy feat, but Shallow Fashion is helping in this transition.

Cat is a guerrilla designer, so to speak, applying unorthodox and punk rock ideals to a modern business model.  It is so much fun watching DIY artists outsource their craft for the first time because this adjustment tends to free up the creative mindscape in a way that spawns growth.  I can't help but to be inspired.

Perhaps it is a result of all the changes happening around me that I am responding with internal transformations, and for this I am grateful.  Shift happens, but it's not always this uplifting.  Spring time is almost here and tiny seeds that have been germinating underground are nearly sprouting!  My gestation period this year is nearly through, and I can't wait to show you all my beautiful new garden!

Until then, keep it breezy my friends...

Shallow Fashion


I almost forgot!  I'm also doing a pop up shop for Parlor at Nola's in the downtown arts district this Thursday, Feb 16th.  The crowd is sophisticated, and there are great deals on New Orleans style food.  If you're interested in attending a classy Cajun evening, I highly recommend that you join me. 
If not, hope to see you soon.  Meow!

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