Monday, December 5, 2011


Image © Guy Bourdin

It is very seldom that I get excited about anything, but boy am I excited about how things are going with Shallow Fashion!

I just did my first trunk show this weekend with Racquel Honoré of Ankh by Racquel Jewelry; I've been making stuff like it's my job (oh wait, it is); and I've been doing some freelance production assistance, all in addition to maintaining my 40+ hour a week production job with Manduka!  But what can I say?  I've got a fire in my heart for making cool shit...

And what's more?

Well, for now I've got to keep my lips sealed, but I will say that Katie Kay (of Gather) and I have something special up our sleeves!  I can't really reveal the specifics, but keep posted for updates on what the heck we've been up to... it's sure to make a splash, especially with you glamorous bohemian girls.

And as if that weren't enough good news for one day, thanks again to Katie Kay, I've begun working with Andrea Spratt, designer of Kucoon Designs.  Andrea is an amazing woman who marches to her own beat, so only after a few hours of cruisin around downtown with her, I fell in love.  I mean, I can cartwheel from my house to Andrea's studio if I wanted to, it's that close!  It's just meant to be.  I'm not sure what exactly Andrea and I will be getting into, but I already feel motivated and inspired.

So... please excuse me for tooting my own horn, but I just gotta share how happy I am!

Hip hip hooray!

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