Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Shallow Fashion is doin stuff.  Among the myriad, I've been doing some mental downloading (to quote my collaborator) with the showroom owner of Gather, the wonderful Katie Kay.  

It's like an exchange of each others creative brains if you will...  

Katie is opening a store in Los Feliz on Hollywood Blvd this month, where she will be carrying Shallow Fashion's first edition of the Winter Solstice Scarves!  Additionally, she maintains a showroom near the LA River in Silverlake where I'm excited to say that my things will be on display among other amazing lines for buyers and stylists.

But there's even more fun news!  I am introducing some great designers to Gather and will be helping produce some of the garments and articles for the lines carried at the store and in the showroom.  

So yes, like I said... we're partaking in a mental exchange. 

I don't know all that will come from these encounters as of yet, but I do know that Shallow Fashion ♥s Gather.

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