Friday, June 20, 2014


Image: Guy Bourdin

You may have noticed a prolonged radio silence in regards to Shallow Fashion goings on, but things have finally settled enough for me to actually give an update.

In December of 2013 I decided to take a two month break from working production so that I could travel and figure out my next moves.  During this time, I found myself with a strong desire to relocate from Los Angeles to San Francisco for an indefinite change.  Not two weeks after I decided this, I was offered a three month contract position consulting in apparel and accessory production for a company called Cuyana in San Francisco's Union Square.

Given my recent day dreams, I obviously took the position; so here I am four months later regularly bundled up, riding my bike, and living in a shared apartment in a ridiculously gorgeous victorian in Hayes Valley.  (Yes, that's right, I actually wear clothing beyond scant drapes now).

If the things I used to do in LA made me "so LA," I think I've pretty much found the equivalence in San Francisco.  It was a fairly simple transition to say the least...

Still, it's a funny time to have moved to SF because the morale seems to be pretty low amongst my peers as the demographic and overall culture of the city are shifting from a predominantly bohemian metropolis glittered with colorful micro-cultures, to a tech and start up-driven society that reads mainstream and homogenous in comparison.  So much so, that a great deal of people who've lived in the bay for years have slowly started relocating to Los Angeles in search of creative refuge.  I don't blame them either, it's just that I had been in LA for too long, and considering my bouncing between the two cities for the last three years, this was the logical next move.

I will say parting with Los Angeles for San Francisco as my every day existence after an eleven year tenure was something I didn't necessarily see coming—even three weeks before I moved here.  And there are many things I already miss (like the climate, or having punk rock yoga, local hikes within the city and amazing health food at my fingertips, for example), but I'm also happy to be doing something new.

For now I am still traveling about as usual, but on the daily, I am settled into my new life and have resumed working freelance between SF and LA, mostly consulting California brands on how to manage product development and production in fashion.  A new take on an old theme, it seems.  I also found a great workspace for my jewelry line Bagtazo, which I split off from Shallow Fashion back in October.  My lovely studio is in a neighborhood I've heard called "The Design District," but I'm pretty sure it's just the outskirts of Potrero Hill.

Now that I am finally moved out of my home, studio and office in LA, I hope to reverse the frequency of my bouncing back and forth to maybe ten times a year, or at least once a month (let's hope for my sleep schedule's sake) if I can help it.  Maybe if I write it in a blog post it'll make me do it...

Friends keep asking me if I am going to stay in San Francisco or move back to LA, probably because of that manner in which I came—quickly and out of nowhere—but for now, I am parting with the angels to live amongst the deceptively chilled but sunny skies of this beautiful city in the bay.  For how long, who knows and who cares, but here I am.

Anyway, I figured I'd resurrect this here blog to give an update, seeing it's been the better half of a year since I last knew what I was even doing, really.  Keep posted for what I've got up my sleeves as of late, because that's a whole other can of worms I'm not quite ready to open just yet.  But trust me, I wouldn't have brought this back to life if I didn't have fun things to share with you.  (Which usually means fun freelance jobs for my talented friends)!

Thanks always, everyone, for supporting me in all my wildness as well as my professional endeavors; and as usual, let me know if I can help you with a creative project or if you'd like to collaborate, because I'd love to.

Until then!